“We may look but sometimes may not see… In both the doing and viewing of art, this habituation of the visual and conceptual “familiar” is potentially foiled.”

“...I work directly and intuitively, in partnership with two art media - clay and metal. They are the bones of my additive process, the mass of it, the vehicle of form and texture. Each can play host to a skin of glass, as ceramic glaze or vitreous enamel, applied wet or dry and requiring a technically correct interface. My visual inspiration comes from the botanical structures around me, as well as from the endless ability my media have of surprising me as I push them in experimentation. I strive for multi-layered conceptual content, often focusing on the archetypal complexity of “containment”, as necessary function and questionable assumption.  As we all really have unique frames of reference, I find it essential as an artist to give some hints as to mine. A plus thirty year experiential study of both Krishnamurti and  the Eastern philosophy of Vedanta, (with monks of the Ramakrishna Mission) including jnana & raja yoga, coupled with an ongoing layman’s investigation of theoretical physics/quantum mechanics, has often influenced my intuitive approach to abstract form and content---in particular---that of containment and separate self/object. Non-local consciousness is of great interest to me in relation to full spectrum Creativity (which I’ve found to be included, in various degrees, but not exclusive to the Visual Arts).

Beth Wyatt’s interest in her current media for creating contemporary wall art & the sculptural vessel began some 35+ years ago, while at San Diego State University studying both vitreous enameling (minor) and ceramics (major). She went on to establish a studio on Possession Point, South Whidbey Island in the early 1980’s. Her work has been shown in numerous regional and national invitationals, including Pennsylvania’s “Craft Forms 2002”; Lincoln, California’s “Feats of Clay XV”; Oregon’s Contemporary Crafts Gallery and Museum; featured artist at the Museum of Glass Store for Tacoma’s “Metal Urge” invitational (2009); “Indulge” at the Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, Washington (2010); in 2014-15 at the Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, WA for Northwest Designer Craftsmen’s 60th Anniversary Exhibition; and most recently (2017) at the Koch Gallery - Vashon Center for the Arts, and the Washington State Convention Center - Seattle (2018) in NWDC group shows.

Beth Wyatt Studios

designed and single-handedly built by my late husband, Richard Engstrom