“We may look but sometimes may not see…” In both the doing and viewing of art, this habituation of the visual and conceptual “familiar” is foiled.

I work directly and intuitively, in partnership with two art media - clay and metal. They are the bones of my additive process, the mass of it, the vehicle of form and texture. Each can play host to a skin of glass, as ceramic glaze or vitreous enamel, applied wet or dry and requiring a technically correct interface. My visual inspiration comes from the botanical structures around me, as well as from the endless ability my media have of surprising me as I push them in experimentation. I strive for multi-layered conceptual content, often focusing on the archetypal complexity of “containment”, as necessary function and questionable assumption. 

Beth Wyatt’s interest in her current media for creating contemporary wall art & the sculptural vessel began some 35 years ago, while at San Diego State University studying both vitreous enameling (minor) and ceramics (major). She went on to establish a studio on Possession Point, South Whidbey Island in the early 1980’s. Her work has been shown in numerous regional and national invitationals, including Pennsylvania’s “Craft Forms 2002”; Lincoln, California’s “Feats of Clay XV”; Oregon’s Contemporary Crafts Gallery and Museum; featured artist at the Museum of Glass Store for Tacoma’s “Metal Urge” invitational (2009); “Indulge” at the Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, Washington (2010); in 2014-15 at the Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, WA for Northwest Designer Craftsmen’s 60th Anniversary Exhibition; and most recently (2017) at the Koch Gallery - Vashon Center for the Arts, and the Washington State Convention Center - Seattle (2018) in NWDC group shows.

Beth Wyatt Studios